CSA (Colony Surveillance Assays)
How It Works

CSA kits provide sensitive and reliable screening tools for your SPF animals.
The CSA method identifies animals that have been previously exposed to an infectious agent by detecting specific serum antibodies to viral antigens.
Results are quantified with the IAN System within minutes.

Please visit www.intuitivebio.com for further detail.
Key Benefits
Rapid Screen samples antibodies to diseases in under 2.5 hours Small sample volumes: 5 µl of serum per assay
Reliable Highly sensitive and specific validated assay
Easy Assay technique as easy as an ELISA
Affordable All CSA assays are compatible with the AQ series analyzers or IAN System
Please download Scanners.pdf for further detail. Please download Simian Platform.pdf for further detail.
Please visit www.intuitivebio.com for further detail. Above 11 kinds of tests complete in 2.5 hours

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